State Regulators

Enabling regulators to advance their leadership role in responsible gaming

PlayPause® enables a more effective and robust responsible gaming program.
It provides consumers with a straightforward avenue for self-exclusion across multiple jurisdictions in a simple way.

Benefits to State Regulators

Data collection and privacy

PlayPause® facilitates the de-identification of consumers, removing or manipulating all known direct and indirect identifiers to stop the leaking to real-world identifiers. No personally identifiable information (PII) is shared.

From a fragmented to an unified approach

PlayPause® creates a national repository for the first time, eliminating silos. Working across multiple states, it stops incidents of consumers crossing a state line and continuing to gamble.

Data privacy and consumer protection go hand in hand

Keep control over all the consumer data, personally identifiable information and state-run self-exclusion lists, while only submitting the information to PlayPause® if enrollees consent.

Transmitting state self-exclusion information in line with any requirement

PlayPause® keeps state regulations intact and enforced while extending the consumers protections across state lines.

Add regulator prohibited bettors list to PlayPause

PlayPause® is also an involuntary persons repository. Regulators may submit their employee-prohibited bettors database to PlayPause® to ensure those employees (impermissible bettors) are stopped from wagering.

No cost

There is no financial cost to enroll in PlayPause®.

Consumers can join PlayPause® in four simple steps

Consumers visit the website of the state regulator they wish to initiate a self-exclusion with. They choose the parameters of their pause in play (based on regulatory guidelines), confirm their choices and submit it securely and electronically.
Consumers/states opt in to sharing the information with the PlayPause® system.
PlayPause® stores tokens with no personally identifiable information. Any online gaming operator with PlayPause® integrated can now check the PlayPause® system in real-time and consumers in the PlayPause® repository will be prohibited from wagering.
Consumers may return to the state regulator website at any time to request removal from exclusion.

Join the responsible gaming movement!


Please note that PlayPause is an initiative for nationwide self-exclusion.

We are in the early-stages of launching with state regulators and operators.