Set self-exclusion or cool-down rules that meets your needs

PlayPause® is made available through IXUP, a philanthropic organization dedicated to leveraging advanced technology to better protect consumers and enhance responsible gaming.

Benefits to Consumers

  • Cross-border, self-exclusion enrollment

    Opt into PlayPause® in your state, and it automatically gets applied nationally across all operators and regulators enrolled in PlayPause®.

  • Removal requests

    Reconnect with the state regulator or operator you originally signed up with when your designated time period expires to review their policies around removal. Complete the necessary steps they require, and it will automatically remove you from PlayPause®.

  • Privacy is at the core of PlayPause®

    PlayPause® does not store any personally identifiable information. The information you provide will be used to create a unique player identifier (ID) which is completely untraceable.

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