PlayPause modernizes and strengthens responsible gaming and employee integrity programs

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Empowering consumers to play responsibly

PlayPause allows consumers to extend existing single-state self-exclusions to all participating PlayPause members nationally. PlayPause allows consumers to stay on track with their goals regardless of where they go.

Working across state boundaries

PlayPause creates a holistic approach to consumer protection by bringing together each state’s self-exclusion database into a national repository so protections stay with the consumer regardless of location.

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Working together to foster nationwide protection

Operators, regulators and sport leagues seamlessly share de-identified information with each other across the states, ensuring privacy, integrity and safety for all stakeholders.

A community-based product to support the industry

PlayPause was built after lengthy discussions with many industry stakeholders. It will continue to rely on the community to provide input and ideas, iterate additional tools, and ensure the industry as a whole stays ahead of responsible gaming.

Responsible gaming centralized and enhanced by technology

PlayPause provides an efficient way for operators, regulators and sports leagues to enhance responsible gaming and game integrity across multiple states.

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