Enabling operators to strengthen responsible gaming programs

PlayPause provides the tools for operators to increase the accuracy of consumer ID verification, reduce risks and offer enhanced consumer protections.

Benefits to Operators

  • Designed to achieve responsible gaming policy goals

    Enhance important aspects of responsible gaming requirements across multiple states and do so in real-time with greater accuracy than ever before.

  • Input your own prohibited employees list into PlayPause, too

    PlayPause handles involuntary exclusions as well. PlayPause can integrate with your HR policies to make sure any personnel who should not be placing bets are entered into PlayPause and properly blocked.

  • A solution for sports leagues

    PlayPause is in discussions with sports leagues to input their databases of involuntary personnel (sports league coaches, players, referees and others) into PlayPause, blocking these individuals from betting and conforming to state regulations.

  • No charge

    There is no financial cost for an operator to enroll in PlayPause.

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