The Product

Empowering players to pause

PlayPause® provides an efficient way for operators and regulators to enhance their responsible gaming programs across multiple states. Sports leagues can also use PlayPause® to manage their integrity policies – from their own databases – without the need to share any personally identifiable information.

A modern self-exclusion tool with nationwide, cross-operator coverage

Advances the effectiveness of self-exclusion

Designed to support consumers who identify themselves as needing assistance in taking a pause, PlayPause® is a preventive technology tool for problem gambling.

Unites the industry's approach to consumer well-being

PlayPause® creates a central repository of self-exclusion lists across states and brands. Individuals only register once and the protection they request follows them wherever they go.

Saves time and headcount and ensures no one slips through the cracks

Compliant with state-to-state requirements, PlayPause® becomes the centralized repository, linking multiple lists and state-specific requirements together in one place.

Is built with data privacy and consumer protection at its core

PlayPause® facilitates the de-identification of individuals, meaning personally identifiable information is not collected, stored or kept. Operators connect to a central repository of de-identified individuals in real-time, facilitating the blocking of wagering while never accessing personal data.

PlayPause® is an information-sharing tool, centered around self-exclusion and impermissible bettor policies, where all industry stakeholders — consumers, operators, regulators and sports leagues — contribute de-identified data to a national repository to ensure those who need to take a pause or be precluded from placing wagers, can easily do so.

Key capabilities behind PlayPause®'s advanced technology

Core Technology

A set of APIs for operators and regulators to facilitate the sharing of encrypted exclusion data

Consumer interface

Frictionless interface for players to enroll or request removal from an exclusion list.

Regulator interface

Intuitive control center interface for regulators to reject or approve a removal, if applicable.

Advanced technology to better protect consumers and enhance responsible gaming

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