Sports Leagues

Enforce your league’s integrity policies around sports betting

PlayPause® blocks wagering from impermissible bettors including coaches, players, referees and other employees without sharing any personally identifiable information.

Benefits to Sports Leagues

  • Protect Your Sensitive Data

    By sharing only a de-identified token with PlayPause®, the risk around leaking personally identifiable information (PII) is eliminated.

  • Remove Risk of Insider Scandals

    PlayPause® connects automatically with enrolled gaming operators to block betting from your impermissible bettor database, stopping insider scandals before they can even start.

  • Single Integration Point

    Once you share your database, all operators utilizing PlayPause® can block betting from these individuals through a seamless and highly secure, single integration point.

  • Easily Add or Remove Individuals

    New player signed? Someone retires? PlayPause® works in real-time to easily add or remove individuals from your impermissible bettor database.

  • Customizable to Meet Unique Policies

    An individual’s de-identified token can be tagged with specific details to enforce different betting restrictions. PlayPause® can be customized to block betting based on game type, duration or other definable criteria.

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